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Cutting Edge Bridal Colors

Cutting Edge Bridal Colours


Flowers speak louder than words, so be sure the ones you choose and the style of your bouquet communicates the romance of your day.  In any language, the flowers at your wedding should announce the love and joy in your heart.


Creating your wedding bouquet can be as effortless as plucking fresh posies from the garden or as elaborate as hiring a florist to design a cascade of exotic blooms.  Before you choose explore these possibilities:

  • Hand tied bouquet – an assortment of flowers tied with a pretty ribbon, similar to the French Tradition.
  • Arm bouquet – an arrangement of long stemmed flowers tied loosely with a ribbon or bow and cradled in one arm. 

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What is the Origin of the Wedding Garter?

The wedding garter is the final touch of the bride’s overall look on her wedding day.  The wedding dress is first of course, however the oldest tradition is said to be the garter toss.  This tradition started in the Dark Ages when it was customary for the Bride and Groom to be accompanied to the wedding bed.  As time went on, the custom became bawdier with the guests eager to help the bride out of her clothe often grabbing at the garter for “good luck”.  In some counties it was tradition to rush the alter after the wedding ceremony and remove the garter from the brides leg.  This often resulted in the Bride being knocked over or trampled.

These days the groom is responsible for removing the garter and tossing it at the waiting single men.  …

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Considerations When Planning a Creative Wedding

Here are the things you might want to consider when you plan a creative wedding.


1.  A theme wedding is time consuming and detailed oriented.  However, so is planning a traditional wedding.

2.  Your Vision?  Your decision.  You will be involved in every step of the process and you can’t assume the florist, musicians or other vendors will understand your vision unless it’s well explained or well supervised.

3.  You many encounter a party pooper or critic.

4.  Not every vendor will be will or have the capacity to carry out your plan.  The following questions will help you to determine just how creative you want to get.

Have you longed for  a special wedding, such as a holiday wedding, a costume affair, or romantic fantasy?…

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Having a Creative Wedding

Deciding on a Creative Wedding:


Think of all the weddings you have ever been to.  A few will pop into your mind immediately.  They are the weddings that offered a new twist on an old tradition – something you have never seen or experienced before.  Ask yourself – Do you want people to remember you wedding in a few years?

If your answer is “yes”, you’re the perfect person to throw a creative wedding and your are pretty much guaranteed an unforgettable event.

Here is a list of some of the positives to throwing a creative wedding:

  1.  Your guest will enjoy a new experience.
  2. You can turn your long time fantasy into reality.
  3. Your day can truly reflect your personal interests.

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Feel like Royalty on your Wedding Day?

Do you know that the history of the ring bearer pillow is based on Royalty? Back in the day,  little page boys carried important items to the kings and queen on fancy pillows.  The more important the Royal,  the more beautiful the babble,  the fancier the pillow was.  The pillows were made of the finest silk and often embellished with precious stones.  Feel like a princess on your wedding day.   Have your ring bearers pillow designed with Royalty in mind.

Lastly, did you know that all Royal Weddings are either navy blue or purple.  Lots of purple out there this year.  Kind of makes you feel like a princess.…

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