Here are the things you might want to consider when you plan a creative wedding.


1.  A theme wedding is time consuming and detailed oriented.  However, so is planning a traditional wedding.

2.  Your Vision?  Your decision.  You will be involved in every step of the process and you can’t assume the florist, musicians or other vendors will understand your vision unless it’s well explained or well supervised.

3.  You many encounter a party pooper or critic.

4.  Not every vendor will be will or have the capacity to carry out your plan.  The following questions will help you to determine just how creative you want to get.

Have you longed for  a special wedding, such as a holiday wedding, a costume affair, or romantic fantasy?

Do you have any interest or hobbies you are passionate about?

Are your family and friends open to new ideas and give you the support you need.

Can you brush of criticism?

Are you comfortable going against the grain?

Do you enjoy standing out ion a crowd?

Do you enjoy breaking tradition?

Do you have the patience to deal with the unexpected?

Count up the “no” to determine how creative you want to get.