Cutting Edge Bridal Colours


Flowers speak louder than words, so be sure the ones you choose and the style of your bouquet communicates the romance of your day.  In any language, the flowers at your wedding should announce the love and joy in your heart.


Creating your wedding bouquet can be as effortless as plucking fresh posies from the garden or as elaborate as hiring a florist to design a cascade of exotic blooms.  Before you choose explore these possibilities:

  • Hand tied bouquet – an assortment of flowers tied with a pretty ribbon, similar to the French Tradition.
  • Arm bouquet – an arrangement of long stemmed flowers tied loosely with a ribbon or bow and cradled in one arm.  Sometimes, carrying a single perfect bloom is preferred to a bouquet of flowers.
  • Cascade bouquet – a large, tear shaped arrangement of flowers, full at the top and dropping into tendrils at the bottom.
  • Biedermeirer bouquet – Concentric circles with different flowers, or different colors of the same flowers in circles.
  • Pomander – Balls of flowers made by inserting stems into globe shaped bases and suspended from a looped ribbon.  The ribbon is then slipped over the wrist.
  • Pave arrangement – a tight cluster of blooms that may include one type of flower in the same color or related colors, or several different varieties of flower.  These balanced, geometric arrangements have little if any greenery.
  • Free form – a loose grouping of flowers that often has blossoms and greenery coming out at various angles.  Sprays are one type of free form bouquet, they ‘spray” in different directions.


Turquoise is a huge hue hit.  It is a colour that is not used alone.  Expect to see this colour combined with unique colors like – orange, red and even pink.

Purples are very popular.  Pair them with cream, always a safe choice and goes with most venues.  In the going green theme, crisp greens and white are popular when combined chocolate and buttercreams.

Bouquet Tossing – Here is a different idea instead of the traditional bouquet toss.  Call all married couple to the dance floor for a romantic couples dance.  Ask anyone married for 5 years or less to sit down.  Continue asking people to sit down and the last couple standing will be the couple who has been married the longest.  Have the bride present her bouquet to that couple.  Make it a celebration of their long lasting love.  Have the bride and groom take a picture with the couple.


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